Hot Stone Fusion

Deepa LivingHot Stone Fusion is a luxurious, dynamic massage which incorporates the use of naturally smooth basalt stones heated in water. The heat emanating from the stones allows for a much deeper, soothing, and grounding treatment. As the stones rhythmically glide over your muscles, you can literally feel the tension and tightness melt away. The heat from the stones allows for a much deeper massage without pain or discomfort. One stroke with the stones is the equivalent of 5 strokes with the hands.

Your hot stone fusion treatment will be tailored to your needs. It can be purely for deep relaxation or remedial to address specific musculo-skeletal pain or injury.

Hot Stone Fusion massage is not just any hot stone massage, it is a JING Institute hot stone fusion massage, developed by the New York Stone Spa’s Meghan Mari, using eastern techniques, sports and remedial massage, swedish massage and energy work. Unlike a lot of hot stone treatments out there which use small man made stones, the JING Institute’s hot stone fusion massage uses completely natural, smooth volcanic basalt stones which hold a high iron and magnesium content. The stones are able to attain, hold, and radiate a steady and soothing heat for long periods of time.