Massage for Pain and Injury

Deepa LivingAs an advanced clinical and remedial massage therapist, I use a range of sports massage and soft tissue techniques to help address your area of pain caused by injury or trauma, working the deeper tissues, tendons and ligaments in a pain free but effective way.

Treatments are outcome focussed and include a full assessment and aftercare advice and stretches.


  • Massage for neck and shoulder pain:  Have you had a whiplash injury, suffer from postural problems as a result of sitting in front of a computer for too long?  Do you suffer from headaches and migraines? Treatment programmes may help symptoms of rotator cuff injuries, frozen shoulder, torticollis.
  • Massage for back pain:  Again, helps in relieving pain related to hernited disc, sciatia, lower back pain,
  • Massage for hip and pelvic pain:  This is great for sciatic pain, piriformis syndrome, pelvic girdle pain or sacroiliac joint dysfunction.
  • Massage for arm, wrist and carpal tunnel pain:  For repetitive strain injury, carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis / golfer’s elbow, thoracic outlet syndrome, releasing the deeper muscles and tendons of the arms, and hands.
  • Massage for leg, knee and foot pain:  Fantastic for runners, especially if you suffer from ITB syndrome, runner’s knee, shin splints. Also helps plantar fasciitis.