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Forrest Yoga Inspired



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Tuesdays 1930-2030h

Forrest Yoga

Little Yoga Space Lisbon



Tuesdays 13-14h

Pregnancy Yoga

Little Yoga Space Lisbon



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Forrest Yoga Inspired Classes

My teachings and primary practice is based on Forrest Yoga.  Forrest Yoga is an evolving yoga method.  Ana Forrest has made it her life's work to share this healing yoga practice.  Forrest Yoga is built around four pillars: Breath, Strength, Integrity & Spirit.
There is a strong focus on working to reconnect with ourselves and heal the effects of prolonged time in front of a screen, stress, anxiety, feeling disconnected from others and a sense of not living an authentic life.
In Forrest Yoga you learn to move with integrity, build strength and delve deeper into yourself.  You learn to track feeling and stay present with each breath.  You are taught the skills to listen to what your body needs that day and to make healing choices for yourself.  This empowering practice teaches you to pay attention to what is possible and at the same time, safely explore your edges and where you go into struggle.

Classes are varied, dynamic and suitable for beginner to intermediate level.  The practice is strong but we move slowly through each pose, allowing time to feel. There is an invitation to explore and get curious about how to make the asana work for you whilst still being able to experience it's sweetness.

We work on releasing habitually tight areas of the body and strengthening weak areas, keeping in mind that all these parts are connected, and that tension on one part will have ripple-like effects further up or down.

Pregnancy & Postnatal Yoga

I teach the Poppy Yoga approach.  The bottomline goal of the Poppy approach is to:

  • help pregnant people prepare emotionally and physically for birth
  • help postpartum people adjust to their transformation with more ease and support

The principles of the Poppy Perinatal Yoga approach are to:

  • Breathe
  • Align
  • Support
  • Soften

The combination of these principles can foster more physical and emotional ease in pregnancy, labor, and postpartum – no matter what birth plan or outcome.  The integration of these 4 principles can help optimize internal conditions for better fetal positioning, reduced stress, improved digestion, increased comfort in pregnancy, more ease in labor and postpartum recovery, and a deeper bond between parent and baby.