Self Care Package

Your Self-care package contains 6 massage or reflexology treatments and 6 private yoga sessions.  Self-care packages are valid for a period of 3 months.

Self-Care Remedial Package

Is this for me?

If you are experiencing and musculo-skeletal pain such as back pain, neck & shoulder pain, hip & pelvis pain or if you are experiencing headaches, insomnia, stress, anxiety or a chronic condition I will work with you over several weeks to help your healing.

Self-Care Pregnancy & Postnatal Package

The combination of pre- and postnatal massage, reflexology and yoga can be an incredible way to connect with yourself as you go through so many physical and emotional shifts.

We will work together to determine what your needs are and continuously adapt yoga practice and bodywork sessions according to how you are feeling and your phase of pregnancy or postpartum.

Over the months we can work to build awareness and new ways of connecting to your changing body at this exciting and often challenging time.  Find out more about pregnancy and postnatal offerings here.


Why should I choose a Self-Care Package?

Self-care packages are fantastic because you are giving yourself the best chance to heal and reeducate yourself on how to practice and reconnect with your body on a physical and emotional level.  The combination of yoga and bodywork is magic.  With massage you will be able to identify and release trigger points and fascia, allowing you to go deeper into your yoga practice.  With Forrest Yoga you are waking up sleepy muscles and building new connections so you can prevent further discomfort and injury and move with more integrity.
These packages will be fully tailored to your needs as an individual.
Working closely with me on over a course of 4-12 weeks or more, we can maintain consistency and monitor progress. During this process we may also uncover new elements to your healing and areas which may need more attention.  Exciting work awaits!