“Deepa has a naturally calming presence and seems to have an intuitive gift for finding the source of a body’s pain and discomfort. I have received massage and reflexology from Deepa during my two pregnancies and I cannot emphasise enough how much they have helped with easing the stresses on my body, especially as I have got bigger. I particularly suffered from sore hips and upper back pain and, through her massage treatments, Deepa was able to isolate the cause of the discomfort and provide weeks worth of relief. Towards the end of my pregnancies, Deepa’s reflexology treatments helped soothe the aches and pains throughout my body (and in my feet!) and helped me get in a calm mental state ready for labour. I cannot recommend her highly enough.”


“I have visited Deepa for treatments on a regular basis for many months for massage and reflexology. From the first, Deepa made me welcome and has always listened to my comments on how I was feeling that particular day. She tailors each massage to what I say and as a result each one is different and completely geared up to the current situation. There is never a ‘standard’ massage as each one is personalised. This has meant I have felt real benefits each time, not only due to the relaxing effect but also because my aches and pains have been dealt with. Deepa is highly skilled, I have no hesitation in saying that these are the best and most effective massages I’ve ever had.”

SC, Croydon

“The treatments I receive from Deepa are great. I had an injury that neither a chiropractor nor osteopath could resolve, but then I found Deepa via her website. After completing a thorough assessment, we proceeded with a series of neck, back and shoulder remedial massage sessions which proved to be very effective and resolved my problem. Each session Deepa adapted the treatment to meet my requirements and I felt completely relaxed with her conduct and professionalism. I also tried reflexology which I can highly recommend. In fact, they are so good I sometimes found it difficult which to choose!”


“Deepa was recommended to me for her reflexology. Before starting, Deepa took the time to find out what I wanted to achieve from the treatments and tailored my sessions accordingly. To my amazement and relief, most of my long term issues were resolved within a couple of treatments! I have always felt so relaxed after each session and re-energised for quite some time after. Deepa always asked how I was feeling a few days after my treatment which made me feel like she cares about her clients.”


“I arrived on Deepa’s couch in January 2014 with severe sciatic and lower back pain that was inhibiting my life. She has a very calm and considered approach to her work, which makes you feel immediately comfortable in her presence. After a couple of sessions the movement in my lower back was improving and the pain subsiding. She seemed to know exactly what to do and where to work to release my contracting muscles. I am now almost painfree, which is a miracle! I cannot recommend her services highly enough”